Many have upgraded to a condo without paying extra cash from their own pocket.


With my meticulous Financial Planning and effective Asset Progression Strategies…

If you are holding an HDB for more than 5 years & have a combined income of $7K onwards – you can potentially…

Upgrade to a condominium WITHOUT touching savings

Own 2 properties with the SAME monthly instalment

Gain reserve fund of up to $100K for rainy days

HDB owners who have met their MOP of 5 years and have a combined income of just $7,000 onwards are now much closer to achieving their life goals.

Can you also be like them?


Through this NON-OBLIGATORY sharing…

You’ll also know the safety net strategy that can grow your wealth.

Case Study – Mr & Mrs Tan

Mr & Mrs Tan were 42 years old with a combined household income of $7,350.

They wanted to sell their 4-Room HDB Flat and upgrade to a resale Executive Maisonette.

However, through my implementation of in-depth financial calculations and strategic plans, they discovered a better way to grow their wealth.

Downpay WITHOUT Savings

They have since upgraded to a 3-Bedroom Private Condominium WITHOUT using their savings and even have a reserve fund of $185K!

Instalments WITHOUT Cash

In fact, they can even repay their monthly home loan instalments for the next 11 years WITHOUT paying any extra cash from their own pocket.

With a clear asset progression roadmap planned for them, they are even prepared to invest in a 2nd property to grow their wealth in a safe yet effective manner.

You can be like them too!

Are You Making THIS Mistake?

Like most HDB Owners today, you could be servicing your HDB loan using your CPF.

And, you might be thinking that it is best to use your CPF funds to lower your monthly instalments to lessen your monthly burdens.


WITHOUT the right CPF usage strategy…

You could be affecting your financial future in the next 5 to 10 years!


With all or most of your CPF dumped into your HDB, you lose…

  • 2.5% interest you can earn from leaving it inside CPF
  • 2.5% accrued interest to pay back when you eventually sell

That is 5% TAKEN AWAY from you, year after year.

If $200,000 worth of CPF fund is put into your HDB…

  • At the end of 5 years, you lose $26,600 in interest earnings.
  • Selling your HDB at the end of 5 years, you would have to return $226,600 to CPF. Which is $26,600 less cash from your property sales proceeds.

Your Total Loss = $53,200!

5 Years

CPF Interest Loss

CPF Accrued Interest

Your Total Loss

10 Years

CPF Interest Loss

CPF Accrued Interest

Your Total Loss

15 Years

CPF Interest Loss

CPF Accrued Interest

Your Total Loss


Let’s meet for a NON-OBLIGATORY & FREE discussion and I will show you how!


Many assume that certain types of property are beyond their reach due to their current income.

They are limiting themselves unknowingly, for there are different ways to overcome every obstacle.

Nobody wants to have regrets when they look back on their lives 5 to 10 years down the road.


You can achieve your life goals by having the right property or properties!

With my guided Action Plan & proven Asset Progression Strategies

GROW your asset portfolio through stable property investment plans

MAINTAIN a healthy amount of cash reserve funds for rainy days

GENERATE passive income consistently without extra financial commitment

With My FIELD-TESTED Strategies…

You will be able to UPGRADE and let your property work for you instead of you working for your property.

Having Doubts?

Meet me for a NON-OBLIGATORY discussion & I will share…

  • A 4-step in-depth financial calculation process to recognise your financial standing

  • A tried & tested asset progression plan with 4 precise steps to accumulate wealth earlier

  • The 3 ways to analyse the available options in the property market and determine the best choice that is suitable for you

Hi, I'm Agent Sha

As an extensively trained asset progression realtor with PropNex, I assist existing property owners restructure their current property portfolio so that they can take advantage of the right properties to grow their wealth.

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We are thankful and really appreciate the effort Sha has put into selling our current HDB flat and then helping us to purchase our first private property.

To be able to help us sell our HDB flat at our expected price within 3 weeks in this market really impressed us a lot! His knowledge of the market and eye for good projects was crucial in helping us to find the right property to invest in, and with the strategies and road map he has drawn out for us, we will definitely rely on him for our second property purchase in the future.

We will also highly recommend him to our friends and family should they need property related services. Well done!

Mr Fong

We had been selling our 4 room HDB flat for 3 months with another agent and was not having any luck, therefore when Sha knocked on our door one day and said he could help us, we were skeptical. Eventually he convinced us to give him a chance and what a great decision it was because within 1 month he managed to sell it above our initial asking price!

The initial plan was to sell our current place to upgrade to an Executive Maisonette, but through his detailed calculation and careful asset planning, we realized that we could afford a private condominium comfortably, and still have cash for rainy days! We are glad that we have met a dedicated and down-to-earth agent such as Sha and will definitely recommend him to anyone buying or selling property.

Mr Deen


Grow Your Asset Wealth…

With my STEP-BY-STEP action plan…

Create a safety net that will also grow your wealth!

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